Google SEO v2 Responsive Blogger Templates

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Google SEO v2 Responsive Blogger Templates – Responsive blogger enhanced template from the template Google SEO Version 1 made by CB Blogger.

Version 2 of its own more interesting features, appearance became more elegant.

Latest features:

  • congenital featured blogger posts
  • changes in the next pager prev blog post title
  • responsive navigation menu
  • org scheme structuted Data
  • more adsense ads
  • more features

Platform Type:Blogger
Template Name:Google SEO V2 Responsive
Author:CB Blogger
Licence:Free | Creative Commons Attribution 3.0
Template Demo:Demo
Alternatif:Download | Configuration
Ikuti di aplikasi Google News dengan cara Following (temukan feed website edukasi di bagian Following/Mengikuti) untuk mendapatkan informasi atau berita terbaru dengan sangat mudah.

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