Soal UM Bahasa Inggris MA dan Kunci Jawaban

Posted on – Seiring dengan semakin dekatnya penyelenggaraan Ujian Madrasah, Ditjen Pendidikan Islam Kementerian Agama RI telah menerbitkan berbagai regulasi yang mengatur Ujian Madrasah (UM). Salah satunya adalah penetapan Kisi-Kisi Ujian Madrasah (UM) Tahun Pelajaran 2021/2022.

Pengertian Kisi-Kisi?

Kisi-kisi Soal UM merupakan acuan pengembangan dan penyusunan soal UM yang dibuat berdasarkan kriteria pencapaian Standar Kompetensi Lulusan, Standar Isi, dan kurikulum yang berlaku. Sehingga dari kisi-kisi ini dapat dilihat ragam dan bentuk soal, ruang lingkup materi, dan indikator dari masing-masing soal yang akan digunakan dalam Ujian Akhir Madrasah.

Kisi-kisi pada soal ujian madrasah mengacu pada KMA Nomor 183 Tahun 2019 tentang Kurikulum Pendidikan Agama Islam dan Bahasa Arab di Madrasah.

UM atau Ujian Madrasah adalah kegiatan pengukuran dan penilaian pencapaian standard kompetensi lulusan mata pelajaran Bahasa Inggris untuk Tingkat Madrasah Aliyah (MA) secara nasional.

Dalam rangka mempersiapkan Ujian Madrasah soal latihan Soal Ujian Madrasah Mata Pelajaran Bahasa Inggris jenjang Madrasah Aliyah. Soal UM ini dapat anda gunakan untuk berlatih mempersiapkan Ujian Madrasah yang terdiri dari 50 soal pilihan ganda.

Adapun Soal Latihan Ujian Madrasah (UM) Mata Pelajaran Bahasa Inggris Kelas XII Madrasah Aaliyah (MA) Kurikulum 2013 adalah sebagai berikut:

Soal Ujian Madrasah Bahasa Inggris MA

Please answer all questions correctly!
The following text is for questions 1-2.

Bale Kambang

Bale Kambang is a small village in the Southern coast of East Java, seventy kilometers from Malang town and two hours’ drive to South. It is well known for its long beautiful white sandy beach as well as the similarity of its temple to the one of Tanah Lot in Bali.

In Bale Kambang, there are three small rocky islands namely Ismaya Island, Wisanggeni Island, and Anoman Island, those names are taken from “wayang” figures (Java traditional puppets). These islands are surrounded by Indonesian Ocean which huge waves frighten most overseas cruisers.

1. What makes Bale Kambang famous is its …
A. small rocky islands.
B. long beautiful beach.
C. huge waves of ocean.
D. overseas cruisers.
E. Java traditional puppets.

2. What is the main idea of the second paragraph?
A. Huge waves frighten many overseas cruisers.
B. Names of rocky islands are taken from “wayang”figures.
C. The rocky islands are in the middle of the sea.
D. There are three rocky islands in Bale Kambang.
E. The rocky islands are surrounded by Indonesian Ocean.

3. Darma : You look so happy, Ratna.
Ratna : Yes. You know that I was just successful in making honey doughnut cakes.
Darma : Really? Can I try them?
Ratna : Of course! Here they are.
Darma : Wow, they look very beautiful. The texture is very soft and the taste is very delicious. You are such a talented cake maker. Congratulation all the way!
Ratna : Thanks for always supporting me.
The underlined sentence expresses a ….
A. gratitude
B. condolence
C. sympathy
D. congratulation
E. compliment

4. Budi : Look! The sun is shiny and the breeze blows tenderly. The world is very beautiful.
Stevy : So what then?
Budi : Don’t you want to go out, Stev?
Stevy : Yes, I am going to go to the beach with my family at 9 a.m.
Budi :Really? Can I join you?
Stevy : Why not?
The underlined sentence shows that Stevy ….
A. plans to go out with her family.
B. is lazy to go out.
C. is crazy about the beach.
D. doesn’t have any plans to go out.
E. has planned to go out with Budi.

The following announcement is for questions 5-6.

Advanced Communication System, Inc., of San Francisco, California, won a $250,000 contract from the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Group, Washington, D.C., for technical and management support services. The three month contract will begin at the end of June.

5. Where is the contractor located? It’s ….
A. in Washington, D.C.
B. at sea.
C. in San Francisco, California.
D. in space.
E. in Naval.

6. When will the contract end? It’s on …
A. May.
B. September.
C. June.
D. July.
E. November.

The following text is for questions 7-10.

A farmer came across a bird with a broken wing. He picked it up, took it home and looked after it lovingly, even though his wife complained bitterly about his wasting too much time on the creature. After some time, the wing mended, and, because the bird did not want the farmer to have kept on arguing with his wife all the time, it decided to go back to its nest.

When the farmer discovered that the bird was gone, he was so upset that he went out to look for it. Eventually, he found it again, and was greeted happily by the whole family of the bird. As a sign of their thanks for his care and attention, the birds gave him a little box, and told him not to open it until he got home.

To his surprise, the farmer found the box full of precious stones. When his wife saw them, she decided that she too deserved a reward, and she went to see the birds. The birds gave her a little casket; but this one was full of devils. The devils jumped on her as soon as she opened the casket and chased her away.

Left alone, the farmer went to live near his friend, the bird. There he built a hut of perfumed wood; and the birds decorated it with flowers of every kind.

7. Which one of the following statements do you agree with?
A. The farmer chased his wife away.
B. The farmer lived happily with his wife.
C. The farmer’s wife took care of the bird.
D. The bird was very thankful to the farmer.
E. The farmer’s wife was a very kind woman.

8. The farmer’s new hut was….
A. well furnished.
B. built by the birds.
C. a gift from the birds.
D. decorated luxuriously.
E. built of perfumed wood.

9. What do we learn from the text?
A. A good deed deserves a reward.
B. A gift shows a kindness.
C. Suffering brings happiness.
D. Arguing makes you distressed.
E. Having no heart makes you isolated.

10. Paragraph 3 mainly tells us about …
A. The bird left the farmer.
B. The farmer was so angry and went out to find the bird.
C. The birds welcomed the farmer
D. The farmer was happy having got a box of precious stones.
E. The farmer got a little casket from the birds.

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