Calibre 4.22.0 Terbaru Gratis

Posted on – Calibre merupakan aplikasi manajemen e-book untuk Windows, OS X dan Linux. Perangkat lunak ini dapat mengkonversi file ke dalam format MOBI, EPUB, HTML, TXT, PDB, PDF, AZW3, RB, RTF dll.

Perangkat lunak ini mengedit file yang anda ambnil dari internet. Selain itu, dapat digunakan sebagai e-book Reader, serta alat untuk mengelola dan membuat perpustakaan Anda sendiri.

Calibre memungkinkan Anda untuk dapat menganalisis struktur dokumen dan membaginya menjadi beberapa bab dan membuat daftar isi. Melalui aplikasi ini Anda dapat mencari file dalam folder zip, file RAR dan bahkan mendownload buku dari Amazon, SONY Reader, Toko online Empik dll.

Fitur dari Calibre:

  • Viewer: Search panel: Add a button to return to the position the book was at before doing a search.
  • Tag browser: Improve handling of hierarchical tags
  • Renaming a tag now renames it and all its children. Drag and drop of hierarchical tags alters their hierarchy. Deleting a tag now deletes all its children.
  • Viewer: In flow mode, implement drag scrolling.
  • Tag browser: Allow Manage Tags to open to a selected letter when clicking on a letter.
  • Viewer: Show number of search results in title of search panel.
  • Content server: In the book list hovering over the library name now shows the total number of books in the library.

Bug fixes

  • Fix a regression in the previous release that broke the copy and recalculate author sort buttons.
  • Book details: Fix extra margin to the right of the metadata fields.
  • Cover grid: Show text under books that have no cover as well.
  • When merging metadata, if a custom column has type multiple in the new data and some other type in the old data, ignore the old data instead of failing
  • macOS: When using the single instance option of the viewer, crashes should not require a restart of the computer to use the viewer again.
  • Windows: Fix an error when changing title/author for books in a library whose name contains characters not encodeable in the current code page
  • Windows: Fix amazon metadata download failing when accented characters in search query
  • Comments editor: Fix shortcuts for bold/italic not working when toolbars are hidden
  • Improved news sources
  • The Hindu
  • Wired Daily Edition
  • The Economist

Judul : Calibre 4.22.0
License : Freeware
Developer : Kovid Goyal
Requirements : Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

Calibre x86
Calibre x64
Calibre Portable


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